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Foods To Avoid: A New Approach

Variety hasn’t gone anywhere. While you may have braces now, there are plenty of healthy food choices available to you. But there are some foods that can set back your process. This new way of approaching food will improve more than just your mouth. You may even discover some new favorite foods and healthier choices.

What About Gum & Candy?

The hard and sticky of it is that gum and candy can be destructive. Pressure is caused when you chew. Hard foods will break the brackets, bands or the wire. Sticky foods will bend your wires. Gum of any kind moves your teeth into difficult and unexpected places. As a result, more pressure is needed to correct the process. By cutting certain food items out, you can stay on course and avoid a more painful treatment process.

What Foods Should You Avoid:

Can I Enjoy My Favorite Foods?

You will still enjoy many of the foods you did before. Making it softer and smaller is the only difference with these five food groups.

Recipes for those with braces are available on the internet. There are lots of easy to make meals that work well with braces. You will never have to sacrifice a healthy diet for orthodontic treatment. By making these simple changes, you can ensure that your braces work for you to provide a healthy straight smile.

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The Ultimate Guide to a Million Dollar Smile
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In "The Orthodontic Bible for Smart Parents", you will learn the secret to a lifetime fabulous superstar smile! My book is packed with incredible information that will help you improve and transform your persona or self-image and watch how it changes your life!

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