wisdom tooth removal and orthodontic care from your top rated las vegas nv orthodontist Wisdom Tooth Removal And Orthodontic Care From Your Top Rated Las Vegas, NV OrthodontistYour dentist may recommend having wisdom teeth removed in a number of different circumstances. Your Las Vegas orthodontist, Dr. Chen specializes in wisdom tooth extraction and may be required to perform this in-office procedure. Wisdom teeth removal can be indicated in instances of significant tooth decay, gum disease, damage to adjacent teeth, tumors, cysts, infection and a toothache. Learn more about the impact of wisdom tooth removal on your oral care needs.

After the removal of wisdom teeth, patients can expect a few changes to their orthodontic care in Las Vegas. The changes include:

  • An improvement in gum health around the area of the removed wisdom teeth and a possible reduction in the size of the space or pocket between the gum line and tooth in adjacent teeth. Gums may become less inflamed and signs of gum disease may be reduced through wisdom tooth removal.
  • A possible improvement in the bone health of surrounding teeth. It is difficult to properly clean the surface and cavities of the wisdom tooth and the space between it and a neighboring tooth. Trapped bacteria and debris can cause inflammation, eat away at enamel, cause bone loss and cavities. Removal of a wisdom tooth can reduce the bacteria in the area and make brushing, flossing and general maintenance of the area easier.
  • Regular dental visits are still required and any other wisdom teeth will continue to need monitoring from your orthodontist in Las Vegas. Problems may develop in these areas in the future.
  • Removal of wisdom teeth can allow more room for other teeth to move around. Those that have had braces or are considering braces or Invisalign may want to consider this possibility and speak with your Las Vegas, NV orthodontist.

Consistent and thorough orthodontic care, as well as proper brushing and flossing, is still required after extraction. Speak to your Las Vegas orthodontist to determine if wisdom tooth removal can benefit your oral healthcare needs today.

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This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our Las Vegas, NV orthodontics office would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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