what you should do if you have an emergency with your braces by las vegas nv top rated orthodontist What You Should Do If You Have An Emergency With Your Braces By Las Vegas, NVs Top Rated Orthodontist

What If Something Is Wrong With My Braces?

Once you acquire your braces, preparation is important in the event of a problem. Rest assured knowing there are rarely any emergencies with braces. Should you have an accident, please immediately contact our orthodontics office in Las Vegas, NV. Dr Chen, Las Vegas, NV’s top rated orthodontist will address all emergencies with your braces as quickly as possible.

Immediate action for your braces emergency keeps you on schedule throughout the orthodontic experience.

Some common issues with braces include:

  • Loose Brackets
  • Poking Wires
  • Appliance loosens or comes off
  • Appliance damage
  • Injury to lips from braces (for example, during a sporting event)

What Should I Do If I Have An Emergency With My Braces?

Always keep our Las Vegas orthodontist in the know, should any changes occur. Call our Las Vegas orthodontist immediately if you have any of the issues with your braces listed above. The sooner we see you, the faster we can address your braces emergency, which prevents further problems in the future. When it comes to orthodontic emergencies, the sooner it’s addressed the better.

At Significance Orthodontics, we are here for you for any emergency concerns with your braces. For current patients, emergency appointments are always provided at no additional charge. We know how vital it is to address orthodontic issues as quickly as possible to avoid future problems. If you ever experience any pain while wearing your braces, please call us at 702.547.9977.

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Dr. Victoria Chen, Las Vegas, NV’s top rated orthodontist offers the most advances braces for you and your child, including clear ceramic braces, Invisalign, metal braces and orthodontic treatment. Contact us today for your complimentary Simply Spectacular Smile Analysis at one of our orthodontic offices in Las Vegas, NV. With three convenient orthodontic offices located on Ft. Apache & Russell, Craig & Simmons and East Harmon there is sure to be an office conveniently located near you. Call us today for a complimentary consultation for braces at any of our three orthodontic offices in Las Vegas, NV!

Our Fort Appache & Russell Orthodontics Office: 702.547.9977
Our Craig & Simmons Orthodontics Office: 702.727.4228
Our East Harmon Orthodontics Office: 702.733.0558

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