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The orthodontic consultation is the first step toward achieving the smile of your dreams. And the goal of the free orthodontic consultation appointment is for us to listen to your concerns regarding your smile and get to know you better. By focusing on what you would like to achieve, we can create the very best treatment plan to meet your orthodontic needs.

Some of the records that are used to decide which treatment is right for you during your free orthodontic consultation include photos, x-rays, and models of the teeth. Using these records, we can discuss possible treatment options, total treatment time, and any other areas of concern related to aligning your teeth.

During the free orthodontic consultation it is important that you have all your questions answered about the recommended treatment plan. When treating children, we find it very helpful to have both parents present so that all interested parties can participate.

Understanding what will be required to straighten the teeth, how long the braces will be worn, and what retainers will be needed requires good communication so that we can succeed together – it’s really a team effort!

During the initial consultation, it’s important to ask a few common questions to learn what to expect and how to prepare for the treatment.

1. How long is the treatment? Each patient is different when it comes to how long braces will need to stay on the teeth to correct cosmetic and functional problems. The estimated timeframe can also determine the overall cost.

2. How much discomfort can be expected? Although there is not a lot of pain involved, there is still some discomfort that can be expected depending on how much the teeth will be shifting and how the braces interact with the inside of your mouth. During your free orthodontic consultation, ask the orthodontist what may hurt the most and what can be done to alleviate any pain.

3. What foods should be avoided? Certain foods are difficult to consume, because they get stuck in the wires or cause the metal to break due to the texture of the item. During your free orthodontic consultation we can discuss which foods should be avoided.

4. How will this change the way I care for my teeth? For new patients, it can be challenging to learn how to brush teeth with wire surrounding them. But it’s very important to ask how to brush your teeth and floss to ensure that all food particles are removed and teeth are kept healthy.

5. Does head gear need to be worn? For those who have braces, a large number of people also require headgear, which works to correct an over or under bite. Patients can expect to wear it for 12 to 14 hours a day, making it important to know if it will need to be worn in the future.

6. When will adjustments need to be made? We will need to make adjustments and inspect the progress of the treatment to ensure that the teeth are moving correctly. Patients should know how frequently they’ll need to visit the office and how long each appointment will take so ask about it during your free orthodontic treatment.

7. How much will the treatment cost? The price of the cosmetic dental treatment often depends on the individual, so it is important to ask about the cost and even work out how it will be paid for. Many people choose payment plans on a monthly basis, making it easier to afford.

8. Will my speech change? With braces, many patients are nervous that their speech will change or that it will be difficult to talk. We will give you tips and information on how to prevent talking differently or how long it will take to adjust to the change.

If you’re ready to create the smile of your dreams, call our orthodontic office today to schedule your free orthodontic consultation and let’s get to work!

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