Ceramic teeth braces are made to easily blend in with your teeth, making them almost unnoticeable.  Unlike with traditional metallic braces, the brackets on ceramic braces match the color of your teeth.

However, ceramic teeth braces can stain easily if not cared for properly. So today we’re discussing how to prevent them from staining.

How Can You Prevent Ceramic Teeth Braces From Staining?

Keeping your ceramic braces stain-free is basically a matter of good oral hygiene.  The better you are at following these guidelines, the fewer are the chances that you’ll have to deal with stains on your braces.

1. Brush your teeth after every meal.  We can’t emphasize this enough. This practice should be taught at an early age due to its importance. Making it a habit to brush your teeth with braces immediately after meals ensures that the food color and flavors are washed off, leaving the mouth clean.  It will also prevent tooth decay that is caused by food getting trapped in between the brackets.

2.  Floss and rinse frequently.  Flossing and rinsing your mouth with mouthwash ensures that all the dirt, in all the hard to reach places, is removed. Failure to do this properly will cause the ceramic teeth braces to discolor and eventually stain.

3.   Stop smoking. Not only does smoking discolor and stain your teeth, the cigarette smoke also ruins the color of your ceramic braces. Nicotine also gives the ligatures of the braces a yellow color, which is very unattractive.  Nicotine also causes deep stains that are very difficult to remove.

4. There are some foods you should avoid.  Unfortunately, many people learn which foods they have to stay away from the hard way.  People with ceramic teeth braces should avoid foods that contain tomatoes and tomato paste. Mustard should also be avoided as the yellow instantly stains the brackets. Coffee and dark-colored drinks like soda are also to be avoided.

5. Stay away from whitening toothpastes.  Most people assume that whitening toothpaste is best to keep the ceramic braces stain free, but this is actually a bad idea. Your teeth will, of course, be whitened and so will your brackets. However, the truth of the matter will be revealed when the brackets get removed. You will have spots on your teeth where the brackets used to be.

6. Get your ligatures changed frequently.  Ligatures are the elastic ties around your brackets. In most cases, the ligatures of the ceramic teeth braces are clear. They are easily stained so have them replaced often to keep them from staining and giving you a tainted look.  There are now also colorful options available for creating a fun look that is particularly popular among younger wearers.

7. Keep your doctor’s appointment.  Always honor your dentists’ appointments. The appointments are usually scheduled for every four to six weeks. The dentist will take this opportunity to adjust your braces and examine the condition of the ceramic brackets. Skipping these appointments will definitely set you back in terms of progress.

If you are interested in learning more about how to prevent your ceramic teeth braces from staining – or if you’d like to know if they’re right for you – call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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